Your Day


Your day for your future with various consulting, or training and/or coaching sessions. 

In a free preliminary call, we will discuss your topics, challenges and expectations. I will then put together the content of this day individually for you. We will spend the morning and afternoon together with various consulting, systematic coaching and training sessions, with coffee- and lunch-break in between. 

MY LANE is a multi-level transformational process for women focusing on orientation and strategic change. Deficit orientation in training goes hand in hand with potential orientation in consulting and coaching, right through to prevention.

Consulting - strategy | positioning | communications | personal branding | change | entrepreneurship | founding | career | re-entry | supervision | sparring | mentoring

Training - social skills | communications | public speaking | conflicts | resilience | leadership | negotiation

Coaching - self-esteem | identity | authenticity | purpose | intuition | personal and professional growth | transformation | performance