Born and raised in Austria, I currently live with my husband, a photographer, and our little rescue-dog between Los Angeles and Vienna, from where I work with clients from Europe and the US.

After my studies in economics & business administration and a master's degree in public relations, since 2003 I advise international clients from various industries and sizes to develop, change and achieve their economic and communicative goals. As a communications consultant and corporate advisor in international agencies and companies I look back on 20 years of hundreds of successful and partly award-winning projects, several IPOs, the creation and development of brands, a global network and many many happy client faces.

At some point I realized that I didn't just want to work with brands and corporates, but that I wanted to put people, especially women in their various roles in life at the centre of my work. As a consultant and systemic coach, I now work intensively with individuals and groups of women to find solutions to their challenges and lead a better life.

However, in my life so far as a girl, young and adult woman, I have had to experience how others want you to play second fiddle as a female and preferably in the background. How you then internalize this yourself - a belief system that condemns you to it. Long before I started my career, I realized that I had many qualities that men are applauded for, but we women are not. On the contrary, many men, superiors, also women and unconsciously my parents didn't like that either. Back then, they made me feel small, pushed me back or tried to convince me to be satisfied with less as a woman and preferably not to dance in the front row.

Back then, I needed someone to take me by the hand, put me on the front foot and encourage me that I am as wonderful as I am. Times are different today, but as far as the standing of women is concerned, we are still pretty much at the beginning. With a lot of self-work and work with experts that I started almost ten years ago, I have defined myself, gained my strength and self-confidence back and found my lane in life, which I drive with confidence. I know who I truly am, I am happy in my personal life as well as happy and successful in my professional life. With my work as a consultant and systemic coach I reach out to women and encourage them to define their lane in the world according to their own rules and to follow it confidently.