What is the difference between consulting, training and coaching?

Consulting, training and coaching are generally not clearly differentiated or are often confused. Yet they are three different disciplines.

Consulting: A client comes to a consultant with a problem. The consultant is an expert and provides the client with a strategy, a concept and recommendations for action tailored to the client's individual needs. 

Training: A client wants to improve on a specific problem. He/she hires a trainer who offers a specific training method for this problem and trains with the client to achieve the desired improvement/enhancement.

Coaching: A client comes to the coach with a problem. The coach opens up a space and guides the client through a process, who then finds his/her own solution or action steps as part of the collaboration.

What topics can I come to you with?

I specialize in the topics of self-worth, self-discovery, personal development, longing for personal and/or professional growth, authenticity, strategic change and transformation. If the time has come for you to find out who you really are, what you really want, what makes you happy and what lane you want to follow to move happily and empowered into the future, then you've come to the right place. ... whether you are facing challenges in your professional life as an employee, colleague or leader, whether you are rethinking your career or want to develop specific skills or resources.

What if I'm not sure what to book?

Please feel free to get in touch with me! I always offer a free 15-minute introductory call, where we can talk about your concerns, I can explain to you in detail what you can expect from a consultation or coaching session and how a session works. … and we can find out whether I'm the right person for you.

How many sessions should I book?

If you have never been to a counseling or coaching session before, then book a single session. That way you can find out if it's something for you. However, you are very welcome to contact me by phone on +43 660 706 1429 - I always offer a free 15-minute introductory call where we can talk about your concerns, I can explain to you in detail what you can expect from a consultation or coaching session, how a session works and we can also find out whether I am the right person for you.

Why do you specialize in women?

Because I am convinced that today, women deserve the best, most empathetic and tailored support in the most diverse roles of their lives. I myself am a passionate woman in her mid-forties who has also experienced a lot and wants to share my expertise, life experience and energy as part of my services.

Can I also book a session with you as a man?

Of course! I generally enjoy working with people and therefore also enjoy working with men.

Do I need to prepare for the first session?

You should bring a specific topic with you to the session, which you describe to me in advance during an introductory call. If we arrange a live session, you only need to show up. If we are planning an online session, I may ask you to have a stable internet connection including a web-camera, a pen and paper ready.

Is there a difference between a live session and an online session?

The difference lies in the personal presence and the online presence via screen. The process, framework, structure and content are identical. 

What happens if I cannot keep an appointment?

Please cancel in writing me via karin@karinsinger.com 24 hours before the scheduled appointment.

Do you also offer group workshops for women?

Yes, you are very welcome to contact me. Possible offers can be found directly here on the website and also on my social media channels.

Can I have the voucher sent directly to someone as a gift when I buy online?

My vouchers are digital vouchers that I am happy to send to you by e-mail directly after purchase. Unfortunately, it is not possible to send them electronically to another person.

Will I receive a proper invoice when I pay in the online store?

Yes, I will automatically send you an invoice by e-mail as soon as you make your booking in the online store.